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Welcome to St James Church Brownhills with Ogley Hay

For we were all Baptized by one Spirit into one body. 1 Cor 12:12

What makes a great team? We are at that time when we follow the World Cup and look forward to celebrating England winning and lifting the cup! We can but hope…..

Success is to do with teamwork; working together, pooling resources and using individual skill and talent for the good of each other. It is no good having all the talent in the world if everyone goes it alone trying to out shine each other or denying others their ability. Working for the good of each other, valuing and honouring differing gifts was an issue that Paul was addressing the church in Corinth. The problem with the church was that it was using the values of the culture they lived in by valuing certain gifts and not others, looking down on those from a lower background or those who did have those gifts and talents that were regarded of greater value.    

This, as Paul reminds them is not in the Spirit of the Gospel, is divisive and hinders the work of the Kingdom. He therefore urges them to focus on God and remember that they are one by using the example of a body – this is not a biology lesson. Three things emerge from this that we would do well to note and heed; these being diversity, interdependence and ‘in it together.’    

Diversity. The world in which we live is diverse, people are diverse – different backgrounds, likes and dislikes. This is the way that God has created us, and the church is called to be diverse, reflecting God’s creation. This is to be a cause for celebration and it communicates to our generation that all people matter and are valued for who they are.

Interdependence. We are all different, with a variety of gifts and abilities. We cannot do it all on our own and we need to use everyone’s gift to be strong and grow as the body of Christ. Each other’s strengths compensate for our weaknesses.

‘In it together.’ We all know what it is like when we are ill or a part of our body in pain, we feel it throughout our whole body. it affects our sleep, make us feel lethargic or depressed. When we recover we feel better all over. It is the same for a Christian community. When one member suffers the whole body will suffer in some way. We need to work together and find ways to support and encourage each other, for when we do we will all be better for it.

A strong and vibrant church family then is one that welcomes and celebrates diversity, honours all members by valuing their contribution and allowing them to use their gifts and talents, and is a place that cares for and looks out for one another. Lets us continue to strive to be such a body of believers.

Yours in the service of our Lord Jesus,    Dave Bishop (Rev)