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All-Ages' Discipleship

Learning to follow Jesus in ways that connect with our different stages of life.

Sunday Club

For children aged 5-11 we have sessions on Sunday mornings during the time of the service.  These sessions happen each Sunday apart from the first Sunday of the month, when our children and young people join us in church for a service of All-Age Worship.  The other exception is when we have a 5th Sunday in the month, when again, our children and young people are more involved with the morning worship service.

We also like to regularly go on social outings, which give the opportunity for the children to get to know one another more and grow in friendship.

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This is our youth ministry (for 12-18s).  Before the pandemic Tribe worked together to decorate the room that they use at the church hall.  At the moment, like Sunday Club, Tribe are only having Sunday morning sessions, though look forward to having occassions to enjoy social fun and to encounter new experiences in time.

All-Ages' Discipleship: Programs


This is a course exploring what the Christian faith is all about.  We run 2 Alpha courses each year - during the Spring and Autumn terms.  These happen 7 - 9 pm on a weekday night (1 session a week for 11 weeks).  We start with social time/time for food or refreshements, then look at a 25 minute video clip, before sharing our views and doubts or questions with each other.  This is a great way to learn more about Christianity whilst also making friends.  If you'd like to find out more about Alpha, please contact Gayle on 07545 657 636.

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Grace, Truth & Life Groups

Every fortnight these groups meet to catch up with one another and consider together how the Bible's truths apply to everyday life.  There are up to 6 people in a group, to help everyone to feel at ease and get to know each other better as we journey through courses and programmes that are relevant to where we are at as a church family.

All-Ages' Discipleship: Programs
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