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A New Beginning.....

The message that Jesus brought is that in Him we can have a new life - that we can be new creations.  

We believe at St James' that God has made us not for religion but to have a relationship with Him - a relationship that is alive and moving!

Do you like the sound of this - of purpose - of a meaningful life, experiencing day by day God's unconditional love for you?

The indescribably brilliant news is that you can have this.  Jesus has freely given and gives freely to all who will say 'yes' to Him.


With Jesus you can know personally the joy of having this everlasting relationship with God, gain a new family in Him, new purpose, courage and the power of the Holy Spirit.


What are you waiting for? 


Whatever is in the past doesn't matter. 


What matters is this time we're all in - here and now. 


Don't wait until next year, or next week even.  

Come along and find out more about following Jesus with us. 


We're waiting to welcome you.

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