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Ministries at St James'

Serving Brownhills and Clayhanger' Communities 

Pastoral Team

We currently have 8 volunteers serving on this team.  These volunteers phone members of church who might otherwise feel isolated.  They also deliver the week's notice sheets, sermons and any other church literature to those who are without the internet and can't make it to church because of illness.  We have a heart to care for those who are bereaved or experiencing any pain or struggles in life, and seek to be especially there for the needs of those who are not in one of our Life groups.

Some members of the Team take Home Communion to people and join Gayle in ministering to those who are ill or dying at home.

Places Of Welcome

Every Tuesday between 10am - 12noon

Every Tuesday morning we're part of the national Places of Welcome at St James'.  We offer a space for people to just come and be.  Free coffee, tea, fruity squash and biscuits are on offer. 


You're most welcome to come along for a chat or to just sit and relax.  We believe it's important that everyone knows that they can belong, form friendships and share ideas, talents or simply the time of day.

Baby & Toddlers 

Coming soon to St James' on Mondays 11 am - 1 pm: Check back for more information or register interest using our Contacts page......

Heart of Worship

At St. James' Church in Brownhills, ministry work is deeply rooted in the core principle of the "Heart of Worship." This principle underscores the church's commitment to placing worship at the forefront of its ministry activities. Through sincere devotion, spiritual growth, and community engagement, the church seeks to foster a vibrant worship culture.


By embodying the essence of worship in all its endeavors, St. James' Church strives to create a welcoming and spiritually enriching environment for both visitors and members.

Open The Book

Over the past 6 years, in collaboration with the local Roman Catholic and Methodist Churches, we've developed a team for this ministry.  We go into the 6 local primary schools regularly to share various accounts of Bible events, involving the children in the acting out of them in the process.  We have so much fun!  This ministry truly brings the Bible to life for everyone of all ages present in the assemblies - both staff and children alike!.

Support For Recovery

Coming soon to St James' on Mondays 3 - 5 pm: Check back for more information or register interest using our Contacts page......

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